Corinna Weinheimer-Erith
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In this section I offer different types of bookbinding:

Japanese binding: This type of binding is ideal in the case of a number of single sheets of paper. The stitching is visible on the spine and uses the "4 hole" method. There are variations.

Coptic Binding: This type of binding allows complete opening of the book. The "signatures" (booklets) are sewn through their folded edges and attached to each other with a visible chain stitch.No glue is used on the spine.

Case Binding: This type of binding is also known as "Bradel Binding". I use it for flat-back notebooks with my hand stitched inner blocks. I also use it for bought in blocks, like address books and diaries.

Classic Binding: This type of binding is the most time consuming, but the books are more durable. The "signatures" are sewn onto ribbons or strings and mounted directly to the covers. The spine is rounded, with or without false bands.