Corinna Weinheimer-Erith
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Conservation/ Restoration

A conservation plan will be made and if wished executed. All steps of the work will be documented in writing, image and, if necessary, by drawing.

Example: conservation of a gut string with Japanese paper and isinglass glue 10%, Baroque Harp, RMT 659, Ringve Museum, Trondheim, Norway

Work completed:
Harpsichord, Italy, 1559, (KHM SAM 630, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente Wien, Austria)
Lute, Syria, late19th century (Rautenstrauch Joest Museum Köln, Germany)
Dulcimer, 18th century (H.1961-1339, Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum, Budapest, Hungary)
Guitar, (3903, Musée de la Musique, Brussels, Belgium)
Fortepiano, Austria ca. 1795, (private collection, Köln, Germany)
Rattle, Africa (RMT 474, Ringve Museum Trondheim, Norway)
Bassoon, Germany ca. 1800, (NF 1904-0290, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway)
Accordion, ca. 1930, (RMT 85/ 1, Ringve Museum Trondheim, Norway)
Shamisen (Ringve Museum Trondheim, Norway, RMT 517)
Keyed Cister (NF 1908-0199, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway)
Piano (Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway, NF 1910-0857)
Chabrette (Ringve Museum Trondheim, Norway, RMT 566)
Baroque Harp (Ringve Museum Trondheim, Norway, RMT 659)