Corinna Weinheimer-Erith
                                    Paper craft             Conservation


Working with paper has been a passion of mine for many years and it has given me much pleasure and satisfaction. During my active professional time in conservation/restoration of cultural heritage a necessary compensation, it has become my favourite pastime since 2006. I regard it as a privilege to create hopefully beautiful and useful objects with the help of selected materials and aesthetic tools. And most of all it is a great pleasure for me. But I have not forgotten about my other passion, the field of  conservation/ restoration in which I am still active. For more information about that side of my activity please click on Museum Assistance.

In the catalogue you see examples of my range of handmade books, boxes, games and mobiles. They (except the origami objects) are constructed in 2 to 5 mm millboard and covered in high quality decorative paper. They represent the types and styles of objects which I make. You can find the items in stock in my online shop. Since March 2018 there is a selection of boxes and books in the shop of the Museum for Papirkunst in Blokhus, Denmark on show. You can also find me at L'Atelier des créateurs. A small selection can also be found at Les Piplettes in the beautiful town of Auray, Morbihan, France.

If you don't see the exact design that you would like, we could discuss other options. There is a very wide range of paper which can be used to decorate the objects, but please note that some specific patterns may not always be available.

If you are interested please contact me. I will try to answer your questions in English, German, Norwegian or French.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and note that prices indicated are for guidance and subject to postage and packing costs.

1963: born in Saarbrücken/ Germany
1990 - 1994: Academic studies of conservation of wooden objects in Köln/ Germany
1995 - 2005: Conservator at Ringve Musikmuseum, Trondheim, Norway
2006: Foundation of Paperworks  and Museum Assistance in Séné, France
2019: Adhesion to the Chambre des Métiers, Vannes, France

Exhibitions in France, Germany , Belgium and Norway.

I offer workshops in box making, Japanese bookbinding and origami.